Get Out to Vote on Tuesday, August 14, 2018

If you haven’t voted already, please be sure to vote on Tuesday. Here’s some information you may find helpful.

If you’re not sure where you vote, use this link to find your polling plac.

If  you live in Senate District 56 and you know your precinct, you can find your polling place on this list:

BURNSVILLE P-02 Precinct 2 – St. James Lutheran Church, 3650 Williams Dr.

BURNSVILLE P-03 Precinct 3 – Vista View Elementary School, 13109 County Rd. 5

BURNSVILLE P-04 Precinct 4 – Joseph Nicollet Junior High, 400 E. 134th St.

BURNSVILLE P-07 Precinct 7 – Neill Elementary, 13409 Upton Ave. S.

BURNSVILLE P-08 Precinct 8 – Burnsville City Hall, 100 Civic Center Parkway

BURNSVILLE P-12 Precinct 12 – Grace United Methodist Church, 15309 Maple Island Rd.

BURNSVILLE P-13 Precinct 13 – Berean Baptist Church, 309 E. County Rd 42

BURNSVILLE P-15 Precinct 15 – Episcopal Church of the Nativity, 15601 Maple Island Rd.

BURNSVILLE P-16 Precinct 16 – Buck Hill Ski Resort, 15400 Buck Hill Rd.

BURNSVILLE P-17 Precinct 17 – Dakota County Library, 1101 W. County Rd 42

LAKEVILLE P-6 Precinct 6 – Family of Christ Lutheran Church 10970 – 185th Street W. South side of 185th Street, east of Kenrick Avenue

LAKEVILLE P-7 Precinct 7 – Evergreen Community Church 16165 Kenwood Trail Northwest corner of Klamath Trail (Co. Rd. 46) and Kenwood Trail

LAKEVILLE P-8 Precinct 9 – Hosanna! Lutheran Church 9600 – 163rd Street W. West side of Ipava Avenue, north of 165th Street

LAKEVILLE P-15 Precinct 15 – Crossroads Church 17671 Glacier Way

LAKEVILLE P-16 Precinct 16 – Lord of Life Lutheran Church, 16200 Dodd Lane, Southeast

LAKEVILLE P-17 Precinct 17 – North Trail Elementary School, 5580 – 170th Street W. Southwest

SAVAGE P-1 Precinct 1 – St. John the Baptist Church 4625 W 125th St

SAVAGE P-2 Precinct 2 – Glendale Church 13550 Glendale Road

SAVAGE P-3 Precinct 3 – Savage City Hall 6000 McColl Drive

SAVAGE P-4  Precinct 4 – Harriet Bishop Elementary 14400 O’Connell Road

SAVAGE P-5 Precinct 5 – McColl Pond ELC 13550 Dakota Avenue South

SAVAGE P-6  Precinct 6 – Bethesda Church 15033 Highway 13

SAVAGE P-7 Precinct 7 – Bridgewood Church 6201 W 135th Street

SAVAGE P-8 Precinct 8 – O’Connell Fire Station 14321 O’Connell Road

SAVAGE P-9 Precinct 9 – Redtail Ridge Elementary 15200 Hampshire Avenue South

You can take time from work to vote

You have a right to take time off work to vote without losing your pay, personal leave, or vacation time.

  • Your employer must pay you for the time you need to vote, if it falls within your scheduled work time. Your employer cannot require you to use personal leave or vacation time (see Minnesota Statutes 204C.04 and 204C.08 subd. 1d).
  • Take only as much time as you need to vote and go to work.
  • Your employer cannot directly or indirectly refuse, limit, or interfere with this right, including what time you choose to vote.
  • Your employer can ask that you tell them when you will be gone, and ask that employees coordinate their absences to minimize workplace disruptions. 
  • You have the right to time off work to vote in all state and federal elections, and in all regularly scheduled local elections.