The Primaries are Over But the Blue Wave Continues to Build in SD56

You may have heard the news that the August 14 Primary Elections had by far the biggest voter turnout in recent history. You may also have heard that the DFL voter turnout exceeded the GOP voter turnout. But you may not know that here in SD56 the turnout was overwhelmingly DFL. Jim Kaufmann looked at the results in the Governor races in SD56 and found that in all 13 precincts in SD56A (Hunter Cantrell for state house), the majority of the voters voted on the Democratic side of the ballot. In 10 of 11 precincts in SD56B (Alice Mann for state house) the majority of voters voted on the DFL side of the ballot.

It’s hard to predict the general elections from primary results, but as Jim says: “Here’s the bottom line: In 56A, of 5625 votes cast, 3366 (59.8%) were cast using the DFL side of the ballot. In 56B, of 6001 votes cast, 3586 (59.8%) were cast using the DFL side of the ballot. So, in SD56, about 60% of those who turned out were voting for DFL candidates. To me these numbers are heartening. Let’s keep working for Hunter and Alice! We’ve got two winnable races here; we just have to work for it.

SD56 would like to thank all the DFLers who voted in the primary, with a special thinks to precinct chairs and everyone who worked to get out the vote. Let’s make sure we all put November 6 on our calendars and vote in the general election — and encourage our friends to vote, too. History tells us, when Democrats vote, Democrats win. So let’s go win in November!